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released April 24, 2012

Kevin Muguerza



all rights reserved


Alma, Estrella Roja y el Sonido de la Confusión Peru

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Track Name: Falling
behind my times im trying to hold on
behind my live im buying to hold on
why cant you see im fighting for your love
why cant you see im falling for you all

im losing the strenght to keep on
im feeling the pain taking all my days
this visions of decisions
this visions of decisions

im falling down down
im going down down

i cant afford these days
i cant keep living this days
i cant keep blaming my says

i cant stand still
Track Name: Forever your eyes
Lost in the trees
Chasing myself
I woke up with stain in my heart
So you can blame the sun in your head

And a dreamer never shadows even when the train
Keeps slowing don’t stop diving and will be alright
Until memories blind forever my eyes

There’s no time to want forever your eyes
There’s no time to ask forever a crime
Track Name: Holiday
did it felt to much for the brief of the time of fun
i'll be all stressed by the time you bring up your true faith
forget what its taking a holiday
cus its (t aking) making my say

i am having a loveless scene of insanity

this is taking my breath
this is taking my brean i dont unverstand

looting finds to shine
Track Name: You're Dead
Watch the world fall apart as you laugh
How far is the sun since when you’re alive I ask
But hey don’t hesitate the rain cleaned all away
Christ is the word but my debt still maintains

I hope im awake but I know that it’s too late
How I never say I fucked up everything, what are you to blame? What can I say?
But hey don’t hesitate the rain cleaned all away
Christ is the word but my debt still maintains

Are we ever gonna end? But I am who I am and you, you are nothing but dead
Track Name: Always
I findt it all so hard to reach
They said you’re going to fall
Don’t sleep away of your thoughts

Inside my head I can´t look back
I’ve seen the best of my days
Its not a mistacke you’re saying
I need I need to be there
But I cant go back to

Burning everything so you can stay away
Skipping everyone so I can be away

You’re still everything but always away
Come back again
Im close to the edge im close to the end
Don’t go away
Track Name: Oceano
I want my mind I cant feel remordimiento
But i can only reach the caps of your name
Im wearing the clouds after all
Booze inks my play
Tan solo curse my day
Tan solo compliment my head

we sail on a vast bed but i cant stare

Im feeling lame this cant be twice per day
Now is my time my endless decay
No te lastimes don’t be weak
No more dreams of detalles de tu voz
No more stories of capas de tu amor
No lastimes, no lastimes, dont hurt mi eliseo
Track Name: In Your Mind
I was the sky beyond your dreams
Lost in your mind I was carried away oh oh
Carry the instance of your illusion
Im melting on your sea oh this cant be
Track Name: Somewhere In The Clouds
Im walking streets but the fog keeps blurring my face
If you can see, the end is just ahead of the final sense

And im frustrating because the sound of your claws
And im deadbeat because the softness of your voice

tearing my insides
mocking my mind
the sun is hiding
somewhere in the clouds

Did you felt the way of your soul guide you through pain and mistake
¿did you notice we are all awake? lost in time catching our last breath

Im feeling abandoned and that concludes a hope to be again
im like a foreigner in no mans land but I feel im whole again

your voice gets lost in between all that’s left in the hall
all the glistening is so merciful so please dont come again
Track Name: Overdone
We shared the facts of our dislike
Of the outside and the inmoral
Well you can’t say we didn’t had fun
Your father never tries to undersantd
You can say I finally gave up
Heading toward I promised I’ll never fade
Its blurry outside its shiny inside
Track Name: Sueño
no me importa
que puedo hacer
y tu tu no sabes lo que es querer
cuanto tiempo sin tener
me despierto sin haber
y tu tu no sabes lo que es querer

y me miro no respiro
el abrigo de tu voz

y yo sigo, escondido
cuando podre responder

y consigo un reclamo
que averguenza tu perdon

y me miro no respiro
no te puedes detener?

ten esperanza
no tengas temor
esto es vida
lamento lo estoy

no hay momento
mil sentimientos
nunca es tarde
mi viejo amigo
Track Name: Low
Sick of moment
My reflection is your way
My moves makes your day
I cant stand this scheme

Chase chase chase
I followed your heart everyday
Say say say
How long are we going to wait

I gave you a rose so i could burn your blue cold
Staring at your facts takes a whole world to move
Track Name: Lust
I've got to find out why this visions keep blurring my life
this subscriptions to bullets
i have to admit im burning the feeling of lone
for this solutions im buying

Follow the lines skip the distances of time
Dont hop on/off the moment of stress
dust is the limit of life
tomorrow is a day that never starts

forever we long in the road
forever vanish from all

Lust lust of drowning in your thoughts

Chasing my mind
Losing my mind
Track Name: Nothing's wrong
I can’t feel that way
Things seems to lead to fail
The only time we ever know
But did you realize
There’s nothing wrong
There’s nothing wrong

The other night I thought
Why life is so lame
Why cant I be that way
But did you realize
There’s nothing wrong
Track Name: Siguiendo un camino ciego
Quiero alcanzar principios que jamas
Me tengo que aferrar a una ambicion
Detras de la sorpresa encuentras un espejo
Entierras diferencias no buscas solucion
En primera estancia esta tu desvirtud
Escucha una vez mas, respira sin hablar
Pero no sorprendas el miedo a la prision
Esto es tan solo una vaga ilusion

Deja de predecir el estrello de un buen porvenir

Rostros que sorprenden
Rostros que no esconden
Rostros que no sienten
Plasman su vicion / Cegan tu vicion

Prevista esta escena no queda mas opcion
Veo mi reflejo y no soy lo que observo
Siento que tropiezo y bajo un escalon
Perdon si decepciono es mi unica expreison

Mis dias se olvidaran, pronto podras descanzar
Track Name: Humdrum
The longest path is no longer alive
You hug the sensations without worrying you decay
Its hard to believe the days are over
I cant think anymore im falling at shore

You bet my flesh without consent
Truth is gold but waste is goal
Track Name: Breathe
I eat my wrongs so i can calmly breathe
No choice is yours and my tongue is this
Thus the irony of you and i
Modern life weill blindly justify

"I had the blues but they shook me loose"
Austere remorse eats through penitence
I eat my wrongs so i can finally breathe
No choice is yours and my tongue is this