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released July 13, 2013

Foto: Camilla Villa

Cover: Camilla Villa



all rights reserved


Alma, Estrella Roja y el Sonido de la Confusión Peru

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Track Name: Mujer Fatal
I didn’t know that the sky is falling down
I didn’t know you were a femme fatale

How many walks? Do you do before a look?
Im lost and obsolete
Im last and not achieved

While stains are in the right place
The Faust will keep its distance
I feel your sonic footsteps approaching to me
Movements of your face turn motion beautiful
These mellow tricks are fooling my voice

Gray is taking it all
I didn't know you were a femme fatale
Track Name: Dawn
Avoiding the solutions of a poor ballad
The drama is alluding the riddle of my life

What makes you ordinary no longer matters time
Clouds soft the raging of your wall
Im ten times closer to these tangled borderline

Come see the last of wicked

Im waiting for you in the golden dawn
Im dull of apathy which makes your golden dawn
Track Name: Stanzas of Farewell
I'm not sure if crows will spot me
Call me but don’t grow on me
Its not honey what makes you follow
it poisons the way you forget your behave

Im trying to forget stanzas of farewell

Maybe its time to let go
baby im slow and you’re aging
Track Name: Dent de Lion
I seek a “dent de lion” but all I found was misfortune
You show up so volatile but you choke up miseries
I don’t need a poltergeist to know how things go
All facts are dead Pandora’s Box opened again

My only words fall short in consequence
I wish I could forget
I was weak and died in vain

A path I cant get it in
Im to dead to be in

I don’t need to blame myself again of more clichés
Unique dramatic you behave everyday
I cant explain
Track Name: Volver a Soñar
Cuando el cielo azul
Se pierda en juventud
No habrá un dia igual
Para volver a soñar

Un destino que no me deja llevar
Largas horas que tengo que llevar
No habrá un dia igual
Para volver a soñar

No hace falta rescatar
Los detalles del verano
Para poder decorar
Los momentos que vendrán

Es el momento de apagar
Los incendios que asfixian
Virtudes al hablar